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    How long in idle before a 530 starts internal garbage collection


      I'm using a 530 240GB in a write-heavy embedded application (not a desktop OS, Freescale i.mx6 processor).

      After a series of intensive writes, how long before the SSD goes off-line and starts GC?  

      If I attempt to start another write while it is GCing, does it stop what it's doing straight away, or block I/O until its ready, and could that take more than several seconds?

      If it hasn't GC'ed in a while, does it get more urgent (smaller idle time)?


      These are spec questions that are not noted anywhere in the docs.


      I'm trying to calculate how long the drive could be inaccessible.

      Is there a better drive for this usage (e.g. DC series), where constant writes are normal operating practice, compared to a desktop drive where long periods of idle or mostly reads are normal.?