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    cpu overheating


      We recently were given a computer with an asus P6X58D premium mainboard. It has an intel i7 930 2800 cpu with a stock intel e29477-002 cooler. When the bios is set a default, the cpu temp goes into the high 90s. I cleaned out the inside of the computer and put new (radio shack) thermal paste on the cpu. I also reduced the voltage to around .92. The temps are now in the mid 70s. Is this a safe temp?  Is the cooler or paste type the problem? Help appreciated.

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          The temperature is a bit high. You may want to inspect the heatsink pins just to make sure they are not broken or bent and integrate it again applying new thermal compound if needed. When properly installed, the heatsink should not wiggle or shake if you attempt to move it; the pins should not come up if you try to pull them up.

          We suggest you to clean the fan and make sure there are no obstructions or noises. The fan should be connected to the motherboard’s CPU fan header. Please refer to the following link:

          Desktop — Resetting Boxed Processor Fan-Heatsink Fasteners/Pushpins


          Try monitoring the fan speed (RPMs) in BIOS. You can also use the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool available in the link below.

          Processors — What is the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool?


          You may want to consider updating the BIOS as well.


          If further assistance is needed please provide the following information:

          • CPU fan speed (from BIOS):
          • Memory part /model number and specifications (speed, voltage):
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            I had replaced some broken pins on the heatsink. The heatsink seems pretty well anchored. I used radio shack thermal paste. Don't know how good that brand is. According to hwmonitor, the cpu fan is going at 2163 rpm, which is the max.  I will try looking in the bios and report back.

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              The cpu fan speed in the bios is fairly constant at 2280. Also, the bios reports the cpu temp as being 67C. I assume it's so low because there's no load on it.


              I had updated the bios a few days ago and the computer now boots strangely. It starts booting for a few seconds and then seems to shut down. Then it starts booting again for a few seconds and then shuts down again. Finally, on the 3rd try, it boots. Everything else seems to function without problems.


              I downloaded the intel diagnostic tool and it reported that everything passed all the tests. The cpu core temps (in hwmonitor) were above 80C after the tests. They probably went into the high 90s during the stress test.

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                If the RAM is working at no more than 1066 MHz @ 1.5v; then, the only way to determine if the processor itself is causing the issue will be replacing it.

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                  There were alot of settings for the dram voltage which were all on "auto". I reset the dram bus voltage to 1.5. There was also "dram data ref voltage on cha" and about 5 others like it that were on "auto" that I didn't change.


                  I also reset the dram frequency from "auto" to "1066".


                  The temps are still mid-70's on the cpu.


                  Thanks for your help.