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    DZ77SL-50K "launching bios setup application" - then reboots


      I have a DZ77SL-50K MB with a i7 3770K with a 129G intel SSD (SSDSC2CW120A3) and a Sapphire 7970 GPU.
      The machine boots fine but I want to add get into the BIOS menu and manipulate the settings but when I hit F2, the machine reboots.
      If I do not his F2, the machine boots happily into Windows (7 64).
      I flashed the BIOS to the latest version but still this problem persists.

      I have tried to deactivate the fast boot that it seems to have but I simply CANNOT get into the BIOS.
      BTW, my objective is to run 2 of those intel SSDs in RAID 0 as the MB natively supports this...if I could get into the BIOS.
      Does anyone have any ideas?