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    8GB Ram on a D975xbx2 motherboard


      Hello. I bought this mobo 2 years ago and I'm trying to upgrade to a 8 gb setup but I'm having trouble doing so.


      I want to know if these memories are compatible with my motherboard:


      Kingston HyperX KHX6400D2/2G (2GB DDR2 800MHz Non-ECC CL5  5-5-5-15    2.0V)
      DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400)
      DDR2-SDRAM (240 pinos)
      16x (128M x 8bit)


      or this one:


      DDR2 800MHz 8GB (4 x 2GB) OCZ Platinum Quad Edition - OCZ2P8008GQ


      Memory Size: 8192MB (4 x 2048MB)
      Memory Type: DDR2
      Memory Speed: 800MHz
      Memory Package: DIMM
      Designation: PC2-6400
      Pin Configuration: 240
      Bus I/O Configuration: Unbuffered
      Voltage: 2.1V 
      CAS Latency: CL 4-4-18


      I've checked the "Tested Memory list" but it's been hard trying to find those 2gb listed there.