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    windows 8.1 0xc0000001 solved only after intel driver rollback.


      I have the following issue,

      If I shutdown the computer during the night (happened to me two consecutive times, actually even more but randomly and always after more than 6 hourse of pc down time) and I try to boot windows gives me the 0xc0000001 error, I tried the windows automatic fix boot, manual fix boot and yet nothing worked. The only thing that worked was booting in safe mode and then rollback intel graphics drivers to generic Microsoft video card and then rebooting.


      I have a intel 4600 with intel drivers: (This gives me troubles in the sense that if I remove it, everything works again. I don't know if with the same conditions with windows generic driver I would face the same issue. )


      windows graphics drivers: 6.3.9600.16384 (fixing the problem)


      I'm working on a Santech c37, which is based on a clevo p651se.


      If someone ask, the next time I have the issue, I may send some memory dumps or logs but I don' know very well the windows environment.


      Best regards,