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    Need help updating my drivers


      I have an Asus Z97-A motherboard and up to now have been using the drivers provided on their website but I don't think they're keeping them up-to-date. The latest chipset driver on their site is version 10.0.20 while on here there is 10.0.27. Does this chipset apply to me? The download center is a mess to me and I can't find any information. I need the latest drivers (chipset, rapid storage, usb 3.0, ethernet, mei) if anyone can help me that would be awesome. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

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          I have the same issue. My motherboard is ASUSTek too

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            Hello Milton /Marcel,


            We as Intel® provide the components for other Computer Manufacture so they can design and create their own systems including special features and limitations. This is why is very important to install the drivers from the Computer Manufacture. These drivers can be provided by the Computer Manufacture only.


            The Generic driver you can test is the Graphics driver and can be downloaded at this link:



            Kevin M

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              The problem I have with the manufacturer drivers is that they are not up to date. For the graphics driver I have a nvidia graphics card manufactured by asus, but for the driver I go to the nvidia website to get it as i would with the chipset drivers. I have installed the drivers on the motherboard CD originally and updated the drivers from here and can notice a difference in system performance. I don't see any yellow icons in my device manager so I think I should be fine using these drivers.


              Intel Chipset Device software 10.0.20 -> 10.0.27
              Intel Rapid Storage Technology ->

              Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible host driver ->

              Intel Management Engine Interface ->

              Intel(R) Gigabit Ethernet Driver ->


              the versions printed in bold are the versions i updated to. I don't use any special features from asus like their overclocking utilities and what not since they hog up system performance, I just want the essential chipset drivers. Will these do?

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                You can try running this software to get a generic chipset driver:



                Kevin m

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                  I would stick with the USB 3.0 drivers on ASUS, or download from Intel download center, I had horrible experiences with I play CS:GO, and my sensor would spazz out. Intel RST, seems to be the most stable/best performance. Intel ME, usually comes from a windows update, for me. I have the Asus Z97-AR, so we have the same drivers pretty much listed on ASUS's website.