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    D54250WYK bios update


      downloaded version 38 of the bios which is marked as latest and get the following message when attempting to install... "unsupported legacy bios" . any suggestions?

      please note that i have mistakenly set the bios to fast boot which disables the usb ports during boot so i can now not enter the bios during the boot sequence !  my idea was to flash the bios and undo this mistake.

      any ideas/ help appreciated.

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          I am not from Intel, and I am unfamiliar with the details of that particular message regarding BIOS update.

          However, regarding entering the BIOS with fast boot, you should be able to use the Power Button Menu which involves pressing the power button for a very specific number of seconds (about three - not shorter and not longer) starting from the power off state, like this:


          1. Press and hold down the power button. The system emits three short beeps from the PC speaker. You can plug headphones into the front panel audio jack, if available on your Intel NUC, to hear the beeps.
          2. After the beeps, release the power button before the 4-second shutdown override.
          3. The Power Button Menu displays. Options on the menu can vary, depending on the Intel NUC model.


          There might be F2 to enter Visual BIOS where you can change settings and/or F3 to just disable fast boot.

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            Updating BIOS will not undo Fast boot setting but Power button Menu procedure dougho suggested can. I think doing BIOS Recovery Update process with jumper set to configuration mode will update and reset BIOS to defaults.

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              If you are running Windows 8, try these steps:


              1. Press the Windows key + C, or swipe in from the right edge of the screen to open your Charms.
              2. Click Settings.
              3. Click Change PC Settings.
              4. Click Update and recovery, then select Recovery.
              5. To the right beneath Advanced Startup, click Restart now.
              6. Once the boot menu appears, select Troubleshoot.
              7. In the Troubleshoot menu, select advanced options.
              8. In the Advanced options menu, click UEFI Firmware Settings.
              9. Click Restart. The system will restart and enter UEFI (BIOS).
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                Kevin - Maybe you missed another recent discussion about this, but your steps (which I listed in some other discussion perhaps a year ago) might not be helpful to someone who has enabled Intel's setting relating to USB optimization during boot (as the OP mentioned).  After you follow those steps, Intel apparently keeps the USB optimized which means that even though you reach the UEFI BIOS settings your USB mouse and keyboard won't work.  In this case, you would seem to need to use something like Power Button Menu (so that USB gets initialized for Visual BIOS).