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    4k at 60hz with 4 2 0 colors on HD4600 via HDMI 1.4


      Hello, recently i read an article http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-kepler-4k-hdmi-1.4,27117.html how nvidia managed to get 4k at 60hz via HDMI 1.4 trick there they cut colors from 4 4 4 to 4 2 0, but since many monitors\tvs can handle 4k at 60hz with 4 2 0 colors even via HDMI 2.0, there no point to get fancy new gpu.

      So my question here:

      Can Intel make the new driver (just like nvidia did) and support 4k at 60hz with 4 2 0 colors  via HDMI 1.4?

      I beleive if nvidia could do that, intel can do too, intel's programers no worst than nvidia's ones, right?

      And i think it will be like new begining, if laptops with HD graphics could do 4k at 60hz for movies and 2D desktop stuff!