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    S2600WTT memory slot problem


      I had a brand new R1208WTTGS delivered today, along with 16x8GB Kingston KVR21R15S4 memory modules.

      These are recommended modules for the S2600WT familiy http://www.kingston.com/en/memory/search?DeviceType=7&Mfr=INT&Line=S2600WT&Model=89560


      The problem - none of the memories work in slot DIMM_H1 and DIMM_H2. I shuffled the modules, but the problem is only those DIMM slots.

      I updated the BIOS (Intel® Download Center) but the problem persists.

      So as none of the modules work in these two slots, the problem must be in slots. The system reads 112GB of memory, so 2x8GB is missing. The status for these slots in BIOS is 'Installed&Failed'.


      I tried to run the System Information Utility, but after stating sysinfo.efi, the server just restarts. No logs are generated, although the log files folder is created.