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    Questions about XL710-Q2 & QSFP Configuration Utility


      Running qcuw64e /nic=1 /info

      Current Config: 2x40

      Supported: 1x40 2x40 4x10 2x2x10


      Does the NIC support one port to run at 40Gbe and one port to run at 4x10Gbe?

      Can I configure 1 port on the XL710-Q2 to run as 1x40 and 1 port to run as 4x10 at the same time? If so how?




      If I configure 2x2x10 and use a QSFP+ to 10G breakout cable (connect one server with XL710-Q2 with another server with X520-2)

      Can I then replace the breakout cable and connect QSFP+ to QSFP+ on 2x2x10?


      Once I convert one server from X520-2 to XL710-Q2 I cannot shut it down, the 2 servers are in HA mode.