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    Newbie needs help with ScanNetworks arduino sketch


      Hi there
      Im trying to successfully run the ScanNetworks sketch on the gallileo gen 1 board using the Centrino n-135 and I've already set it up using yocto
      and in the serial monitor it displays that it can't find the wifi shield...


      Now when y run the sketch Im doing it while it has the SD card with yocto.


      Do I have to do it with out the linux image so that the "arduino part" recognizes it as the shield?
      Or do I have to configure something else within linux?


      Or Im I doing this entierly the wrong way?


      ohh.. by the way...

      the main goal of my proyect is to send sensor information wirelessly from the Galileo to my computer and finally to some serial port.


      Thanks in advance