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    ipxe on i210-AT, what is the best way?


      I am trying to put an ipxe rom image on the option rom of an i210-at adapter, but so far with limited success:


      1) building the ipxe image for i210: ok


      2) burn with flashrom : not supported


      3) burn with bootutil.exe : not supported


      4) burn with lanconf.exe: it is possible to read out "flash" and "nvm" files (which turn out identical), an option to write flash files is present but unavailable (probably due to protection jumper?), but as far as I can tell no way to update just the option rom part


      reading the i210 data sheet and looking at addresses through lanconf gives a rough idea how to merge/pad/patch up a new "flash" file containing the existing "shadow ram" and "secure area" but with my custom option rom. I have made such a file but not yet dared try to flash it to the adapter.


      I can't help but thinking there must be an better/easier way


      Any ideas?