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    DP67BG motherboard getting 1C Error Boot Loop.


      I just bought this board and I tried to install the R9 270x and just got 0_ error on the bottom right hand sode of the screen so i tried an older ati card which was a HD6770 and the computer booted just fine into my previous windows installation I had on the HDD.  Well I tried to put the R9 back in there to try to get it to work and I am now getting a 1C error on the motherboard.  I am really stumped I have tried taking out the ram and putting only one stick, two stick.  I even bought two different kinds of ram, one high performance and one low performance (1066) to see and nothing is happening I still the 1C error.  I even took the CMOS battery out and put it back in to try and reset the bios and still getting 1c error and bootloop.  Any advice?