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    Booting issue with Intel 845GBV




      I am not sure whether the multiple problems I am facing are related. Here is the issue:


      1. My CPU boots as soon as I plug the power cable to power source, it does not require me to turn power button on


      2. On each hard-boot I get the following error "date and time not set", "cmos/gpnv checksum bad", I need to then fix date and time and the PC would start normally


      3. In some random occassion my secondary hardisk is not detected, in some cases both primary and secondary are not detected and the PC wont start. To fix this I would then plug and unplug the IDE cable and power of both disk and restart the PC, it would work in most of the cases.


      My concern is whether this issue is due to

      A) CMOS battery

      B) PSU

      C) Both

      D) any other problem



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          You are on the right track.


          Before doing anything, i would suggest you to make sure to have the latest bios version updated onto the board. Bios Recovery Method will be best way to update the bios.


          Now regarding the loss of time, it is best to change the rtc battery, try a new one.


          Finally, regarding the power issues, it is best to use another PSU at least ATX version 2.0 if possible


          - Try the board out of the chassis to eliminate short circuit problem.

          - Try another compatible memory module and boot the system with minimum configuration.


          (very rare it could be down to the CPU.)


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            Thanks for your help. My computer again crashed after my post.

            I tried doing what you said about bios recovery, however the problem is that

            1) my floppy drive is not reading my disk, and I am unable to format the disk.

            2) I am unable to find the .BIO file for my 845GBV  board so that I could have used the USB for this purpose.

            Finally I used "rgap16eb.exe" to update the BIOS but it did not help solve the problem

            I have also changed the Battery, but I am still facing the same problem

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              Finally my ordeal ended and now I am so happy to have my PC up again.

              It may seem strange but the solution to all three problems was simple 1 step---Change the bios CMOS battery. Ending months of frustration costed only Rs. 60