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    Lan connection lost on  I218-V when streaming


      Each time I'm streaming data my LAN connection disconnects and reconnects. This happens about 2 times a minute.The LAN adapter is integrated on the system board (Asus H81-Gamer). My PC is running Win8.1 64 bit. It only ocurs when streaming so I assume it has somthing to do with the load. No problems or disconnects when simply browsing the internet.


      Things I have tried so far that did not resolve the issue:


      - installed the latest driver from Asus for the Inel card

      - Installed the latest driver from Intel for the intel card (

      - Disabled all power savings options for the Lan card

      - Disabled TCP chimney offload in win OS

      - Disabled RSS in win OS

      - Disabled Receive window autotuning in OS

      - Disabled IPV6

      - disabled all the above options in the advanced settings for the Lan card.

      - set speed fixed to 100MB full duplex.

      - updated the chipset drivers of the systemboard


      I'm out of ideas. Anyone has the magic solution?

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