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    Big disapointment


      Hi guys i picked outmy new laptop special for the widi capability  n it cost me 1.4k usd the laptop is

      Qosmio x875-2780 model and i feel i got scammed cz my widi wont work no matter what i did i have been updating...  Downgrading...  For the last week to a no solution and always the same respons once i try to connect to my  new asus miracast dongle i fully connect for 1 sec and disconnect again somtimes it lasts 3 seconds somti es it fails from the bigenning i tried widi update tool and intel update tool even downgraded always same thing also i turned off my firewall turned off antivirus still nothing

      Note that i can connect very easily to my miracast dongle uaing amy king of samsumg phone and lenovo carbon laptop but always fails on the Qosmio! Plz help

      Im on the latest wireless drivers and on widi 3.5 now plz HELP!