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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology fails to boot windows


      Hello, recently my laptop stopped booting windows. When I turn it on, Intel Rapid Storage Technology window shows up and says, that one of my volume is disabled and asks me to press CTRL+I to enter Configuration Utility. When I press that, I'm only allowed to select two options:

      3. Reset Disks to Non-RAID

      6. Exit


      If I don't press CTRL+I, after some time I get the message "Operation System not found" and then I'm allowed to enter BIOS.


      If I select "Reset Disks to Non-RAID" will my data be permanently deleted without any possibility to recover it later using some recovery software (e.g. Recuva)? Is it possible to fix this issue somehow without resetting disks? What options do I have now?


      My laptop's specifications:

      Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series 7437

      Intel Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.7GHz

      mSata Device  LITEONIT LMS-32L6M m-(S1) 32GB

      Windows 8


      Thank you,