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    Intel Dual Band Ac-7260 Cant connect,dosnt find connections,slow speed.


      Okay so i have Lenovo Y50-70 Uhd Windows 8.1 and Intel dual band ac-7260 it has a lot of problems slow speed dosent find connections cant connect, when i can connect with other laptops,phones.. I have tried everything i have the latest drivers,i tried deleting them installing them again didnt work,i updated all windows updates,i tried setting the property like Intel said still not working,i opened my laptop got the card out put it back again checked the cables alot of times and still dosent work... When i bought the laptop i cant remeber if i had the Lenovo drivers or the Intel but anyway they were kind of old

      and updated them to Intel Drivers,the wireless was working fine it was fast,long range and everything but after a month or more it started with the problems...

      If any one could help me id really appriciate it alot...  Bob_DuffyTerryCutlerintel_admin