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    How to disable CAMUI popup?


      Hello, I currently work for a retail kiosk company that utilizes Intel Wireless cards for connectivity (the PC runs Windows 8.1). I recently upgraded all the kiosks to Intel ProSET/Wireless WiFi software version (which included Driver version The Wireless Card is the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205.


      We are having an issue where a program called “CAMUI” pops up sporadically asking for Administrator privileges. This popup completely hides our main UI, and so is a major problem for us. There seems to be very little information online about CAMUI.exe, but it is supposedly for the Intel Cloud Access Manager. I don't remember seeing an option during installation to disable this piece of software.


      I need a way to turn this off silently, so that it does not appear again. From what I understand of this program, it is meant to find free wireless hotspots. We do not need to utilize any free hotspots, so this functionality can be safely disabled.


      Becuase of the lack of documentation, I am having trouble getting rid of this dialog. Like I said, something that can be run remotely (with Administrator privileges) and silently (ie. changing registry settings, disabling a service, uninstalling a program, etc...) would be the ideal scenario.


      Attached is a screenshot.


      Please let me know, thanks!