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    Toshiba L305-S5919 Vista Basic




      I have to update my Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family driver. I've tried going through and doing the "find the driver" None of them worked on my system. Tried having Intel do it automatically. Says something to the effect that it can't download drivers wrong ones would mess up your system ... please go to your laptop mfg.


      Called Toshiba, all they have is the drivers from June 2008 ... The gal at the game site said that 2009s exist. How do I get them. Toshiba couldn't help, they told me to go to Intel ... Intel I can't get to the right one. Ugh, frustration.


      Could someone point me to the right update driver for my system? The only other thing I can think is I have the 32 bit system


      Any help would be most welcomed!!