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    Problem with HDMI and Windows 8.1




      I had been working with two screens, one with VGA and another HDMI/DVI port, using Windows 8 until I updated it to Windows 8.1 where I have problems to see my desktop using HDMI/DVI ports. I can only see my desktop using a monitor with VGA port and whenever I connect a second monitor with HDMI/DVI port the monitor with VGA port turns black and I could no longer see my desktop. If I turn on my computer using a monitor with HDMI/DVI port I cannot see the Windows 8.1 welcome screen.


      These are the specifications of my machine:


      P8H67-M EVO ASUS motherboard http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P8H67M_EVO/HelpDesk_Download/

      Intel H67 Chipset Support Rev.568.07


      I installed the latest version of the graphic driver using the Intel Driver Update Utility: Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1 64-bit Version Note: my monitor screen with VGA port turned black after I installed this driver and I had to shut down my computer pressing the turn on/off button of my computer. I turned on my computer again with a screen with VGA port and I see that the driver was successfully installed but the problems with HDMI/DVI ports persists.


      Can someone help me out please?