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    igfx driver has stoped responding and recovered successfully?


      when playing world of warcraft my screen goes black for 2-3 seconds, this happens with increasing frequency depending on how built up the area is that i am in, i bought a laptop last week with an intel 965 family chipset in it and have been very disapointed ive looked at numerous forums and have found out i am not alone, there are alot of people with similar problems. After trying to update the driver i was informed i have the latest version, people on forums said that it is a case of back dating the driver to 2007 where there is actualy one that works however that this  has now been removed,can someone please help me with this? because it makes the game un playable and i just spent £400 for no reason if i cannot get it fixed.

      thanks in advance.


      computer spcs are as follows:

      laptop specs.jpg