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    Random system reboots


      Recently,(3 weeks ago) my PC shut down and after 3 to 4   seconds rebooted and then it shut off again.   This happened repeatedly until i disconnected the PSU power switch. After a   few hours I flipped the switch back on and the PC booted normally. Then it   worked for a few days and this happened again, now I can only have it on for   a short time before it shuts off. I thought perhaps it was an over heating issue,   no. None of my temps reach over 55c even under heavy load. I thought perhaps   it was a faulty graphics card, so i switched it out and this issue still   occurs. I also ran memtest on my ram and with one stick in each slot and   there were no errors. I also booted into the bios and let the system just sit   and it eventually turned off.  So I updated my bios and made sure my ram was running at the correct voltage and freq.  So my question is, is anyone aware of this issue or heard of something similar? Any insight into weather this is a psu, cpu, mobo, or w/e is deeply apreciated, thanks!


      System specs:

      Intel i7 920


      ASRock X58 Deluxe

      Gskill trident 6gb (3x2gb) DDR3 2000

      Corsair 750TX PSU

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          Make sure to have the latest bios version for the board

          Do all these tests out of the chassis and with min configuration (only one memory)


          - Try the board out of the chassis to eliminate short circuit problem.

          - Try another compatible memory module and boot the system with minimum configuration.


          (very rare it could be down to the CPU.)


          Check with the board manufacturer whether they know anything on this.

          Check all the hardware compatibility with the board manufacturer (memory model and sl number of the cpu)


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            Irfan into a problem exactly like this its a matter of putting the ram in the right places getting a fan for the ram and also pluging all the conectors and power cables in the right places

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              Geez, this has really been a while since I looked at this post.  But the solution: contacted the MOBO manuf. and had them replace the board.  They stated that it was a manuf. defect and replaced it free of charge! Woo! (This all occured about 3 months after the original post)...


              Thanks for all the help community!