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    Help with FANs in SR1550 Chassis with S5000PAL


      Hello Server Experts!


      I have this new system. SR1550 with S5000PAL server board.


      I have a SASmidplane with RAID activation key, RAM, and battery.



      My problems i that my FANs are running weird. FAN 1 - 4 is running normal But FAN 5 is going at full speed!


      Is my FRU flashed wrong or what do i need to fix this?


      How can i tell if i have the right versions?


      BTW. Is there some kind of tool to check for system updates inside of windows? Right now im using Intel Deployment assisant cd. It says i have the latest firmware. but does this update the RAID on the Midplane?



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          You may want to apply latest BIOS/BMC/FRUSDR if you haven't done so. Current version is BIOS 98, BMC 65 and FRUSDR 48. You can check the versions in BIOS: Server Management => System Information.


          On SR1550, fans #1-4 cool down the CPU/Memory/Low Profile PCI zone, while fan #5 cools down the full height riser zone. Check if all air ducts are properly installed in your chassis. If you're still seeing same issue after applying latest BIOS/Firmware, check if your PCI device on the full height riser is generating too much heat.

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            Thanks for your help


            For some reason the Intel Deployment Assistant CD did not download the newest updates from the Internet.

            (tryed twice)


            The problem was solved by installing new firmware versions manually:


            Now running: BMC 0.65

                                HSC 2.09

                                SDR 48

                                BIOS 0098


            After the updates, the FANs are now running normally.