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    Intel GMA 900 800x480 pls help!!!

      Heloo , this is my first thread and i hope i doo it right ...OKi now... i own a notebook (laptop) Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2085 (a bit old...i know) with a grafic card Intel GMA 900 with 256-bit graphics core with dynamic video memory technology up to 128MB, 32-bit color depth and as a operating sistem I have windows xp ... i need a driver or somethig to make the notebook show the rezolution 800x480...i tried a lot of thing but nothing works...

      P.S. i am not a brainiac ...so if u give me a anser pls make it simple...for stupi people...Thank you very much....

      PLS HELP!!!

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          Hello Mirciulica,


          In todays computers you cannot switch as you like between resolutions, even if your graphic adapter supports it. This is due to several limitations in your graphic display. Because your computer is a laptop, I assume that you are using the main display which is using a LCD/TFT, plasma or OLED. This display it was not designed to support all the resolutions that your graphic adapter might support. If the Desktop click right -> Properties -> Parametres doesn't show the 800x480, it is because the graphic display (or the graphic display driver) does not support this resolution.


          In order to achive this resolution you can:

          Option A. Connect to the VGA/HDMI output of your laptop a display that supports this resolution.

          Option B. Write on regular A4 paper 800x480 and stick it on your screen .