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    cant access my graphics properties


      about a month ago i had my computer cleaned for several viruses including the conficker or conflicker type c and when i got it back i noticed that when i right click theres no graphics properties in the menu..and recently my computer had the weirdest crash:when i went to start my compuet  nothing came up on the screen and everything was connected and working so i let it sit for a while.when i came back just before i went to shut it off there was this veryloud very high pitch beep so i shut it off.then later i turned it back on and everything seemed fine until i logged in when i       logged in i had no background it was pitch black most of my task bar was black and when i pulled up the start menu it was agian black.i thought oh no i lost every thing but at i went to explore more i relized everything was intact it was like my graphics card was shot and could bearly display anything.so i restarted it foor the third time and when i loggged on everything was back to normal.and as of yesterday i needed to acces my graphics properties so i tried to go thru the control panel then by right clicking and selecting properties go to settings,then advanced and i saw that there was no graphics properties button.so as a last effort i used the hot keys and i got nothin not even and error window.so now ive come here to ask is there another way


      heres some info that might be helpful

      computer model:compaq presario 6000

      os:microsoft windows xp home edition ,version 2002,sp3

      graphics controller:intel(R) 82810E graphics controller

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          srry about the bad spelling not the best typer but this might be usefull,the placve i had it cleaned at was apex computing and when i got it back also all my downloaded games and microsoft office was  gone,im wondering was that place like a chop shop but for computers,wat makes me wonder that was itn went out of bisnuss recently and mybye it had to do with that