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    Replacements for P7350?



      I have a Samsung Q210 AS01NL notebook with a Intel P7350 2.0 GHz processor.

      Can I replace this processor with the Intel SL9600 2.13 GHz processor. Does this processor really support hardware Virtualization Technology?

      The P7350 has a max temperature of 90 degrees celsius with a power consumption of 25 W, the SL9600 has a max. temperature of 105 degrees celsius with a power consumption of 17W.

      Has this concequences for the overal heat production? Is there a performance difference for the good or the bad?

      Does a higher clock rate has a significant influence on the heat production for instance if I would choose a P8600 2.4 Ghz?

      Are there better options?

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          What does Samsung recommend? They qualified the system for certain TDPs (thermals) and included ucode (microcode) for specific CPUs. If you swap out the CPU with anything that Samsung has not qualified for that system, it may not boot or otherwise not work correctly.



          The SL9600 isn't going to work even if you wanted it to. The SL9600 is a BGA part (ball grid array) rather than a PGA part (pin grid array), which means the processor sockets are different. It's the difference between the CPU being soldered down (BGA) versus a pin-based socket where the CPU can be dropped/locked in (PGA).



          If you do swap out your CPU (with or without Samsung's help), make sure you also replace the thermal interface material (TIM). The TIM (grease, pad, foil, or paste) is something you typically get from the system manufacturer.



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            Hi John,

            thanks for your answer.


            I called Samsung support again and asked about the TDP and the ucode processor support. They said that the processor was embedded and that it was not possible to replace it since it was soldered on the motherboard (which he guessed) and required replacing the whole motherboard (which he also guessed). I think this is not true. Even if it was possible to replace it, he didn't know which processors are compatible for the Q210

            Samsung is not willing to replace the processor even if I pay for it for soldering another processor on it and if I our someone else does it the guarantee becomes void.


            I guess I have to buy another notebook.