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    DQ45CB RAID mode is acting strangely


      We recently purchased a DQ45CB with a Q8400 processor and 8gb RAM. Attached are a SATA DVD on port 0 and 4x WD2500AAJS 250gb SATA drive on ports 1-4. When the board is in IDE mode, all the drives show as expected. When switched to RAID mode, Ports 0-2 show HD's installed, the DVD appears on port 3 and the other HD just disappears! I've tried swapping ports around and even unplugging the DVD completely, but whenever I enter RAID mode, one of the hard drives disappears. I'm trying to create two RAID 1 arrays, but obviously I can't when one of the drives won't show up in RAID mode.

      BIOS is current. I've tried Rapid Recovery on and off. One of the drives will also disappear in AHCI mode.

      Is this an incompatibility with the WD drives? I don't have a bunch of other SATA drives around to test.