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    Pentium4, 3.2 GHz


      I have a Dell GX620 w/3.2 GHz Pentium 4 processor and 3 GB of RAM. It is my understanding that it is capable of running a 64-bit OS. What modifications would I need to do to make it run a 64-bit OS? It runs Vista-x86 very well. I would like to have it run Vista-64. Can anyone give some advice?


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          Yes hi it actualy has to have at least a dual core in it i would recommend a core 2 duo since intels pentium d overheats fast and then you could posibly run windos vista x64 but i would recommend running windows 7 x64 when it comes out because ive been running it for over 5 months and i can tell you it is much faster than windows vista and its also built on that platform!

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            I tried to load Windows7-64 with no luck. When I tried for an answer from Microsoft Forums and volunteered onfo that I installed a drive with Vista-32-bit from an old PC and it ran fine someone named Mick Murphy started threatening me with court action for illegal license transfer. I only installed the drive for testing purposes and know it will run Vista 32. I have another copy of Windows7-64 and activation key and will try again later. I am running Windows7-64 on this Dell XPS-420 because of chronic failures and problems with Vista-64. I like Windows7 alot. I have already paid for my copy and am waiting for the 22OCT09 release. Thank you for your comment.

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              actuly some pentium 4 processors do have 64bit support and so do some pentium d's but i would recommend a core 2 duo e8400 because they have alot of overclock ability and i got mine to 4.2ghz on ai so try that and se if it works im running windows 7 64bit

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                Dell site says you can have:


                Upto Pentium D 840

                Upto Pentium 4 670

                Upto Celeron D 336