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    Why is my RAM not showing up?




      I have a D945GTP motherboard. I am running Windows XP Pro x64 with 4x 2GB modules. Only the RAM in channel A, DIMM 0 and channel B, DIMM 0 is showing up in the BIOS. Channel A, DIMM 1 and channel B, DIMM 1 both say not installed. The RAM is all the same and I have swapped them around to make sure they all work.


      I have checked the motherboard specification and it says:

      It is possible to install four 2048 MB (2 GB) modules for a total of 8 GB of system memory,

      however, only 4 GB of address space is available.




      I have just updatd to the latest BIOS version (4119) for my motherboard in the hope that this would fix it, but no such luck.


      Can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong? Or if it's just not going to work.