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    945PM Update Problem


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      Hello erveryone,

      I like to update my 945PM Bios (AMI) and there is no update available.

      But first: I do not like to chance my motherboard.

      Second: I have about 4 GB RAM insert in my notebook (Alienware), an so I think it is necessary to use all of this RAM, not just 2.5 GB.


      Is there any support out there who is able to solve my problem?


      Please help me!


      Thank you

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          1. Why do you want to upgrade you BIOS? Do you have a specific problem that it would solve? If not then there is really no point upgrading it.


          2. I believe you are already using all the RAM. It's Just that your hardware is using the other 1.5gb. I dont know enough to explain it you in detail but there are lots of links forums and what not out there, just google it


          So the short answer to both your questions is you dont actually have ether problem.