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    DP35DP RAID migration

      Hi there,


      I'm an IT assistant currently working on upgrading some computers in a design agency in paris. My goal is to upgrade a DP35DP-based workstation from a single hard drive to a RAID1 array without having to go into the Windows reinstall with F6 diskette method. System installed is Windows XP X64.


      I've managed to upgrade many systems so far using the following method (method A) :

      1. create a ghost image of the system hard drive in IDE mode

      2. switch the ICHxR controller to RAID mode in BIOS

      3. then create the RAID1 volume using ctrl+I and put the ghost image back on it.

      (I know it's not the "cleanest" way to proceed, but, from my experience, it does work on many ICHxR-based systems).


      Obviously this doesn't work with DP35DP. I did managed to switch from IDE to AHCI upgrading the driver in windows, then rebooting and activating AHCI in BIOS. But it seems there's no way to go to RAID from ACHI with this method...


      I was thinking about this (let's call it "crazy tech hack") :

      a. ghost image of the X64 system with AHCI driver

      b. then switch BIOS to RAID mode

      c. create the RAID1 volume through ctrl+I

      (here comes the tricky part)

      d. restore X64 system from disk ghost image on newly built RAID1 and shutdown the system

      e. take out the two physical hard drives, connect one of them on another windows-based system using USB adapter, to replace AHCI drivers with RAID ones and edit registry with correct RAID drivers settings,

      f. connect the "modified disk" back into the DP35DP-based system, with "secondary hard drive" left unplugged (forcing RAID1 degraded mode)

      g. boot X64

      h. if successful, shutdown, plug the second hard drive, wich should result in RAID1 rebuild with correct drivers & settings.

      (steps f to h might be simplified by just cloning the "modified" hard drive onto the "secondary" one, or just repeating step e on the second hard drive).


      Is there any chance I may succeed ? If so, does anyone know how to proceed to manually modify the system files and registry with RAID driver ? (above step e)


      Thanks in advance, have a nice day.


      Best regards,


      José SANCHEZ

      IT support in Paris (France)