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    Atom N330: Frequency Scaling and Optimal Instruction Set


      Hi there,


      I recently upgraded a server using a 3.0GHz P4 (Northwood) to an Atom N330. The motivation for this was to reduce power consumption as it did not need the out-and-out grunt of the P4. It works very well. Currently the operating system is still the same 32-bit Linux Kernel (Gentoo Hardened 2.6.28-r9) as before.


      These are my questions:

      * Does the Atom N330 support frequency scaling and if so, has this support been introduced in the Linux Kernel?

      * In general, is the Atom N330 better geared towards 32-bit or 64-bit code and what is the optimal instruction set to use - i.e. would it be better to compile for a Core 2 Duo in 64-bit mode or Prescott in 32-bit.


      Appreciate that this maybe a case of RTFM, just point me in the direction of what the manual actually is .


      Thanks in advance.