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    (DX58SO)  No display, no beeps, leds near cpu light up red


      Hi guys, I recently just built a computer with a DX58S0.  This is my first time doing it, so it could probably attribute to why I'm having a problem.  So when I turn the power on, all the parts seem to be running properly with all the fans spinning.  But when it turns on, nothing displays on the monitor and no beeps happen.  Also, red and green leds light up.  I've no idea where to start to try and fix this thing.


      A couple questions:  What do I have to have plugged in to the mobo for the beeps to happen?  I have 2 plugs from my case, AC '97 and HD Audio, sharing one connection.  I plugged the HD one into the Audio slot.


      What does it mean when those leds flash red?


      Thanks in advance!