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    Bitblt deplorable failure.




      Here the thing:

      I have a Intel 965 Mobile Express chipset.

      Using Visual Studio 2005 C++ and standard lean and mean Win32API functions:




      These win32 gdi are declared in gdi32.dll and implemented by the video driver.


      First, rotating at 45 degrees small images eg: 1024x768x24bit works fine, but with 3500x2500x24bit the BitBlt fails "like no other"(output image is wrecked).

      Secondary using the same big image I found that even at 180, 90, 270 degrees the BitBlt fails to BLIT if the size of the chunk is bigger than 8Mbytes.


      "The most" and the "like no other" BUG is that the function returns TRUE every time !!!


      I'm up to date with video my driver.


      If anyone has an idea why please reply.