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    Intel® PRO Network Connections Driver v14.4


      Hi Guys,


      {XP Pro, SP3}

      I have Intel® Desktop Board DG965OT Express Chipset


      I ran thi  new Driver Update Utility  which identified my product as                            DG965OTMKR

      and reported tha I need new Network adapter driver for 82566DC Gigabit Network connection

      Good stuff!!!

      So as suggested I downloaded LAN: Intel® PRO Network Connections Driverv14.4 (PROXP.exe)

      I ran installation and now when I am looking at driver version it is reported as                            


      Can you please answer 2 questions


      1) What is v14.4? is it just the installer version?(as I remember my pervios version was 9 as well but i dont remember other numbers in the version


      2) during the installation there was unchecked option for SMNP agent.

      I left it unchecked "as is"

      What this agaent for and do we need it?


      Thanks in advance

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          Check out Intel® Network Adapter historical driver and software version numbers for a list of driver versions and corresponding software version. Driver version is the latest driver and has not changed in any recent software releases.


          You do not need SNMP installed to use your adapter and SNMP is not of any use to you unless you have a software application that uses SNMP to collect information or manage devices on your computer.

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            Hi Mark,


            Thank you for reply


            Basically you confirmed that I have the current version, and some properties indeed are new ones (I have to lern all that)

            At the same time that is not clear yet why it is 14.4 or alike.

            Was my guess correct? (about  just an installer release which has no correlation with the driver version)


            The release notes you pointed too is 14_5.pdf... anyway...

            That is hard to comprehand for the average user what the document says

            Pleas have alook at  rows 2-6 the OS is the same Windows 32bit (NDIS5) ; Bus; modules  (slight differences)

            and the drivers version are different (?)

            That is beter to be exolained somehow to the end user ... just a wish




            Thanks again

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              I agree that the version numbering can be confusing. The release version number is a number that covers a "collection" of the latest drivers and software for Intel(R) Ethernet adapters. The number does not always exactly match any of the software files. The release version number is a convenient way to refer to the latest collection of drivers and software.


              The version number of Intel(R) PROSet closely matches the release number. Sometimes Intel PROSet has a longer number, but the first digits match. For example, the latest version of Intel PROSet is version was part of the version 14.5 release. As you can see, many of the drivers and other components stay the same between releases.


              The biggest reason we have so many software releases is because we are constantly adding support for new products. Most of the time, there is no reason to install a new software release for Intel Ethernet adapters because there were no changes made that would have a significant effect on your experience. The biggest exception is when you buy a new Intel Ethernet adapter. When you install a new adapter, you cannot use software versions that are older than the adapter.


              The software collections contain drivers and software for many different adapter families that require their own unique drivers. To complicate things further, different NDIS driver versions are used with different versions of Windows. The end result is a very long list of files with different versions that most people do not need to worry about, because Windows uses information files (included in the collection you download) to figure out which drivers and software to install.


              You can use the Intel® Driver Update Utility to figure out if your drivers are up to date instead of digging through all the version numbers. The utility works well for retail products, but some of the devices with "Intel" in the name are components supported by computer system manufacturers. If you have one of the devices supported by the computer system manufacturer, the Intel® Driver Update Utility might not identify the device as an Intel device.In that case your best bet is to go to the computer system manufacturer's website to download the software that was validated with your system.

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                Hi Mark,


                Thanks for your time and detailed answer.


                That is no a first time I am getting good helpful responses from Intel Support whether I ams asking by e-mail or here.


                The only wish is that all that effort somehow find the way to the main site.

                The latest introduction of the Utility is great.


                I hope that the release notes were always there plus some notes like this that you posted.

                How about the link(s) to Wiki like you used when explaining NDIS?

                Isn't that what users need?

                There are many users with different experiences.

                There will be more users that will use the product if it's easier to understand how to maintain it and when and what is needed. That is not a secret.


                Your answers are much appreciated

                Best wishes!


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                  I'm always happy to help. I agree with you that answers like this one belong on the main website. I will take care of adding the information from this thread. We are also working hard to make sure that other material like this also gets posted to the main website.