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        That was the first thing I did when it didn't work.  Sorry, the driver didn't help.

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          I had the same problem when I had a pair of X25-E's attached via Raid 0 to my ASUS P5E3 Premium motherboard running Vista Ultimate. After over a week of investigation I came the the conclusion that the Intel ICH9/ICH10R chipset could not handle the load so I went out and purchased a RocketRaid stand-alone card and was very happy when the problem went away. A friend then referred me to the following thread. It is a very long thread BUT it basically proves that there is something wrong with the Intel Matrix Driver version 8.9. To cut a long story short, all I had to do was move back to the previous revision of the driver and the problem went away. Windows 7 ships with version 8.9. I don't know how to wind it back to 8.8 on Windows 7. The reason I suspect that you are all suffering the same fault is that the failure you are describing is consistent ie freeze on one application and then degradation until everything freezes. If you check your event logs you will find the error in there. (Check through the thread to see the full details). I am aware that most of you aren't Raid users but when I tried an X25-E without Raid I found the same problem. Let's face it, with a high performing SSD you are certainly stressing any controller.


          If you have the time, read through the thread and you will notice the common theme.


          Whichever way you look at it, Intel has a problem!



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            Hi folks,
            I think I'm having the same problem and would like to ask if this issue confined to Windows 7, as I am running Vista x64 Ultimate.


            I'm using an Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH080G1C 80GB SATA II MLC connected to a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P (Intel® P45 + ICH10R Chipset). The drive is connected to the onboard Gigabyte RAID mode (but running as a native SATA drive). I am NOT running it in AHCI mode. Drive has been updated to latest firmware revision


            Previously I had been using a pair of WD RaptorX 150GB drives in RAID on the system and it worked flawlessly.


            The system occasionally hangs and then resets itself, usually without any warning (occasionally I'll get a BSOD complaining about NTFS). I have even had it reset during HDD detection in the BIOS once. Occasionally applications will become unresponse for 10-15 seconds and the hard disk light will go solid. There does not seem to be any specific action that is causing the system to hang.


            I've run memtest x86 and it found no problems.


            I would consider myself a power user and usually have a couple of virtual machines running XP, so the SSD has been used moderately over the 2 months it has been installed.


            Also, do we have any info if the G2 revision fixes this kind of issue?


            Thanks in advance.

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              I do not want to patronize anybody giving some help is the purpose, I’m seeing a lot of complaints about SSD’s in raid configurations and even a one SSD installation; malfunction blamed on the drives regardless Intel or other brands.

              Most users are not familiar installing SSD’s, installation is a bit different bios settings are different, raid connections are different than with regular HDD’s, for example raid using sata port 0 and 2 or 1 and 3 or 4 etc will work with HDD’s not with SSD’s connect to 0 and 1 works great update your Mobo with the latest bios before you start, check your SSD (s) for the latest firmware etc. In 99% of the cases there is no problem with the drives. Problems are related to incorrect configuration or installation. A fact though: Intel’s manuals and help files are not the best. SSD technology is still very new. I believe Intel has done a great job; their SSD’s are amongst the best.

              Installed about 400 Intel SSD’s in our data center, different kinds of raid plus additional ones in workstations & desktops, still have to encounter the first malfunction.

              So friends before you start installing your SSD (s) get your ducks in a row and everything will work fine.

              Hope this helps,


              My system in raid 0


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                I'm one of the one's having problems.  If you also look at this thread: http://communities.intel.com/thread/5036?start=0&tstart=0 you'll see this is wide-spread.  I don't post until I tried everything out myself.  I've tried every sata jack, even though it SHOULDN'T make a difference.  I've tried AHCI and legacy mode; legacy mode works, but is slow.  I checked firmware and drivers.  I have no raid configuration to worry about and it still hiccups, freezing the whole system in the same way as others.  That's the part that is making us band together, it's a similar issue with consistent symptom patterns among all of us.  It's not my fault and I have my ducks in a row. I worked as an engineer at Micron on the memory they made these new SSDs with.  With all due respect, which isn't much, I doubt that all the people on here are all simultaneously at fault and the answer is that we all deserve a stupid award.  Some people without your luck have put quite a bit of time into this and to have someone who doesn't have this problem come in and say it'll work if you just do it right and then continue on to post how great your numbers are is a bit pretentious or, as you already claimed, patronizing.  And to say that SSDs are different and only work in certain sata channels is just plain wrong.  The bios settings affect sata drives the same because you're only dealing with configuration settings with the sata interface which is one layer abstracted from the actual media itself.  The only thing that matters is that you plug the drives to be raided into ports that are all connected to the same raid controller.  I would care less about your cavalier attitude if I hadn't spent so much time on this and seen so many others with the same unique failure pattern.  I'm happy yours works and you have such high numbers though.


                On a side note, I was able to recover once from the dreaded pauses and inevitable lockup by quickly unplugging and re-plugging in the sata cable connector while it was trying to die.  And NO, it wasn't a bad connector or not pushed in all the way.  The system started to hang, the activity light came on solid while not doing anything and then lost response from the system except for the mouse and apps that were already open and not needing to access the hard drive.  I quickly unplugged, plugged back in and it came right back.  I haven't tried since.  I had the idea after reading about timeout issues with the drives causing similar symptoms.


                At least Intel is appearing to hear us as they've set up a slew of test machines to track this down, specifically those with ICH9/ICH10 sata controllers with the 8.9 driver.  Again, see linked thread above for status.


                Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but mine's a G2 drive.

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                  My apology, I did not intend to offend only to help. You are an engineer and worked for Micron you should know that the memory they make is good and in few instances distributed hardware is bad. I have the impression that you are well placed to resolve your issue.

                  Good luck,


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                    Just wanted to let you know:

                    It seems its been more than a month that I posted this problem and no real fix yet. I had a feeling it'd be this way and would like to say thanks to w00thisButtonDo. I had bought my SSDSA2MH080G1 on sale, before the prices went up, so I was very much reluctant to RMA it, but his message helped me to make up my mind and I returned it asap. Kudos to neweeg, as all it took for me to say was that I had compatibility issues and they gave me RMA, even though the drive was with "No return for refund" policy. So with broken heart I RMAed it.

                    About 1-2 weeks later, neweeg had another sale, and this one was pretty damn awesome. I bought SSDSA2MH080G2R5 for $240. Thats a RETAIL G2 drive and it came with FREE Icy Dock MB882SP-1S-1B 2.5" to 3.5" HDD Converter, worth $25. Thats only $10 more that I paid for OEM G1, that I've returned. Well, at this point I'm gonna repeat my thanks to w00thisButtonDo, as I would've never bought a second drive, haven't I returned my first one, no matter how good of a deal this was.


                    I have waited to be sure, before posting here. Now I can report, that I've installed windows 7 on the first try, no freezes, no hicups of any kind. I haven't made ANY ssd related tweaks to windows itself, except moving my folders from c:\Users to another (non sdd) drive. Win7 is running smooth and freaking fast for more than a week now. No problems what so ever. Here you go.


                    Obviously its not a solution youre looking for (I was looking for too) and I appologise. But at least you can plainly see, that there WAS a problem with G1. Same hardware, same software, the only thing changed was the drive. Thats it.

                    I very much hope this issue will be fixed soon.

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                      Anyone have solved  this problem yet? Or is the only solution to send back your SSD drive?

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                        Hi, we are half way to solving the problem, it doesnt look like a problem with the SSD as we had 2 of these do exactley the same thing, one more then the other, it turns out that even when we put in a normal HDD we got the same problem. so we have narrowed it down to our gigabyte Mobo. both systems are running nearly stable. We increased the ram voltage slightly, disabled ram turbo, and proccessor turbo, and turned of the intelegent proccessor function. now everything is working ok



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                          So the "test system" is working now after you tweaked the settings? did you lose any performance with this tweaking?

                          Could you write a small guide on how to tweak it so I wont have this freeze problem? It would be really awesome because  this is a huge problem for me when my PC freezes randomly when I'm doing different kind of work and projects.

                          Thanks in advance!

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                            I have been in contact with Intel multiple times regarding this issue. Initially they ask me to RMA the SSD and let them replace it, I did so but the second SSD suffered the same issue.


                            Conclusion was obviously that it was a compatibility issue and not a faulty drive, I informed Intel of this but also informed them that because they had requested that I do an RMA to them, rather than a return to the retailer, that I was now passed my return to retailer date and could not return the drive but also could not use it.


                            There was some back and forth on the issue that took about a month to resolve (partly because I was busy and partly because Intel took my name and contact information and then never contacted me. I am not upset about this, I could have called them back when they didn't contact me but I was busy). About a month after my initial RMA for a second drive I called them again to resolve the issue and was told by a phone rep that there was a known compatibility problem with the Generation 1 drives and certain Nvidia chipsets (he specifically mentioned revision 530 but also said there may be other revisions having this issue that they haven't found yet) he also said he suspected that a Generation 2 drive might not have the same issue and offered to exchange my generation 1 for a generation 2 in a second RMA.


                            I am currently waiting on that RMA to be completed. I was going to wait to update this thread when that occurred, but since someone has responded suggesting he has a possible solution I felt I should reply before anyone started tweaking voltages or blaming gigabyte boards. There is, at the very least, an acknowledged problem with some Nvidia chipsets. Its possible a firmware update could fix the issue but it is also possible this issue may not effect G2 drives. I will let you know what happens when I receive my Generation 2 drive and connect it.


                            Also, I want to be specific about my problem because there are a number of people in this thread having similar but not the same issues or completely different issues.


                            My issue is that the drive randomly stops responding at unpredictable but relatively short intervals. The entire system will freeze and can only be recovered by shutting down the computer (either via the power switch on the power supply or holding the power button until power is cut). The period before the drive locks up has been as short as a few minutes or as long as about 90 minutes, but I have never, at any point, been able to use the drive for more than 2 hours before it stops responding and the system freezes. It should also be noted that the system will not freeze until it attempts to access the drive. For example, if I am watching a movie that is playing and there is no reason for the system to attempt a read or write on the drive, the system continues functioning, but when I attempt to do any activity requiring a read or write action from the drive there is the possibility of it triggering the system lock-up.


                            Also please note that, unlike the above poster who claims to have found a solution to his problem, this is a fully functioning system. The above poster states that he has the same problem with other drives connected, that is clearly not related to his SSD then. My system functions without error so long as I do not connect the SSD. I have tried running the system with only the SSD connected as the primary boot drive and with the SSD as a secondary storage drive, and it fails in both capacities. My systems functionality is instantly restored when the SSD is removed.

                            • 26. Re: Intel X25-M G1 80GB SSD hangs/freezes in Windows 7

                              I propably fixed this for me. or at least my system has been running for few hours with out crash.


                              I got msi p6n Diamond motherboard. I installed nvida drivers from ther website. Then Device Manager -> Ide ATA-ATAPI controllers. Found the Serial ATA controller that was working against my SSD drive. There I disabled Command Queuing.


                              Now my system is stable and working fine. Intel should tell us if htat is bad for performance or not....


                              Best Regards

                              Einar Guðsteinsson

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                                I’ve got problems on an ICH9bpardin ACHI mode.The firmware update worked without problem but now I’m starting to get freezes, followed by a BSOD.  I’ve noticed that if I’m running multiple apps not all of them will necessarily freeze at the same time.  For up to a few minutes before the system crashes at least one app will typically continue to respond whilst the others have hung. Weird, I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

                                Here are the event viewer errors just before the BSOD:

                                An I/O operation initiated by the Registry failed unrecoverably. The Registry could not flush hive (file): '\SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE'.

                                The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.

                                A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Windows Error Reporting Service service to connect.

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                                  I had the same random freezing problem with my first gen X25-M 80GB disk and I have resorted to wiping the disk using the ATA Secure Erase command. I use my disk in a Dell Studio 15 laptop. The secure erase does restore the performance but you have to go through the pain of wipe, format, reinstall everything - price we will have to pay for being early adopters. Unlike the reviewers around the world, I don't believe the G1 disks are immune to SSD performance degradation.


                                  There is more detail on the Linux Kernel Wiki about how to use ATA Secure Erase:


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                                    I do have the G2 SSD but still got this problem... Anyone who really knows they've solved the problem please post a guide here!

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