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    Clearing Error Messages from Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      I have an HP Pavilion 9810T-PC with an intel core i7 950 using an Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO SATA RAID Controller with Intel matrix Stoarge Manager.  The disks are configured in RAID 0.  The driver is  On start up the IMSM screen shows error occurred (0) for both drives as Windows settles in a ballon message states "one or more RAID volumes etc.  I'm pretty sure that I have traced the problem to a faulty add-on USB hub that was causing the entire USB buss to stop working and the computer to shut down.  At least I have had no more problems since pulling its plug. 


      I'd like to get rid of the error messages and Windows balloon.  HP wants me to do a systems recovery and yes I have everything backed up by Acronis True Image.  But still that is easily a day's work (for me).  Is there a way to clear the messages?  Should I update the driver to 8.8 (I understand 8.9 has problems) And finally if I should update can I do that from the Device Manager (Windows Vista 64) or do I need to use the Intel utility?    (I think that counts as three questions, if more points help.)



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          Either this is too simple or too difficult a question for the community to answer.  I have found out that reinstalling the operating system (had to be done as the computer finally would not boot) does not clear the error message.  And Windows still reports that one of the drives is failing.  Maybe it is, but none of the other tests reports either drive as bad.  Any thoughts; anybody?