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    Can't Update the Bios of DP45SG


      i have installed SG0116.BIO version of bios on my board i updated that version with Intel Integrator Assistant

      Now i can't update to version SG0121.BIO

      i tried to install bios by .exe version and by .bio version with Integrator Assistant but i won't update

      it gives me error at the end that "Bios update Failed"

      am sure am not doing anything wrong but maybe problem is from intel guys.

      anyhow anyone ? now tell me the Force ways to update my Bios lol coz i cant do it in the right and easy way.

      Thanks for your time

      way to go Bios Updaters (i am still hassitating to update to a version that is already with bugs even at installing and refusing to install what could be next)