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    Dell DIM4700 Intel P4 CPU upgrade choices


      Hi all,

      I am a raw beginner and am hoping the experts on this group can help.

      I have an older PC which has the 915G express chipset and a P4 2.8Ghz CPU (LGA775 socket). It's an old Dell and manual states that mobo has 800 Mhz clock and memory must be of type DDR2 SDRAM 240 Pin DIMM 800/533, according to the manual.


      I am wondering if it's worth upgrading the memory and CPU but don't know what it is that determines which CPU I might use. I've read in various spots that it depends on the chipset but I can't find anywhere that says which CPUs can be run with each chipset.

      I have also read that the chipset, and BIOS together determine which CPUs may be used.


      Can anyone explain how to identify which CPUs I might be able to run on the above configuration and explain the relationship between CPU and chipset (and BIOS if that is important too)?


      Any guidance will be much appreciated.