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    How are the two endurance numbers of DC P3700 - 17 W/day and max limit of 65.7PBW connected?


      I am trying to design these drives into an application which requires high amount of sequential writes.  In order to figure out the upper limit on how much data I can write to these drives on a per day basis, should I be using the 17Writes/day parameter or the 65.7PBW number?

      Going through the JEDEC218 standard, I do not see any writes/day parameter.  It appears that the TBW is the only figure that is used to determine the endurance of the drives.  So my confusion is what is the 17 writes/day really telling me in relation to the 65.7PBW.  Is it the obvious which is 65.7PBW is valid only while not violating 17 writes per day?  And if I do, how does the 65.7PBW change?


      I appreciate the experts' insights.

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