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    NUC5i5RYH Windows 8.1 64bit Low Memory Error

    Rod Gray

      Just built a new system for myself using the NUC5i5RYH. I installed 8gb of G.Skill that was on Intel's list of tested modules. I also installed a 850 Pro SSD and my Windows 8.1 64bit. On my older Core 2 duo system I only had 2gb of ram and never once did it ever say I was out of memory. However, now going to 8gb and the exact same software setup I am out of memory? lol


      Anyway, I updated to bios 0247, installed 8.1 and set the video card to maximum ram use of 1 GB (I do a lot of 1080p video streaming so not sure if setting it to 1gb is/was necessary). I also installed all of Intel's latest drivers and then updated the INF to version 10.0.26 and AHCI drivers to RST, which is the latest. Inspecting the Task Manager during the error shows that I am using only 2.4 GB of RAM use and 4.5 GB is still available. Is the error caused by this machine being so new, and drivers are therefor still immature? Or, is it my video card settings or something I can fix myself? The error occurred when I had no apps running and the machine was idle.


      Any advice on this new Intel NUC setup please?


      BONUS Material: Also, I would like to mention that I am a Microsoft Insider and I tested Windows 10 build 10074 and it was a disaster. Constantly freezing up, and very slow when compared to my old x58 system from 5 years ago. However, Windows 8.1 runs MUCH better on this NUC, and every bit as fast as my old x58 (which is hexa core and runs at 4ghz). I assume that is because of driver issues for 10 on this NUC?

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          Let me ask you a question about the SSD configuration?


          Does the 850 Pro SSD use the Samsung Magician software?  If so, that would be eating a good chunk of ram...


          I've got 16GB of RAM in each of the NUCs (1 x 5i5, 2 x D54250)... Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 x64.  Memory wise I really don't see any issues... The 5i5 is setup with 1GB for Video RAM for me as well.


          Another question: Did you get the G.Skill memory from the HQL for the 5i5?



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            Rod Gray

            Yes, the RAM is F3-1600C9D-8GRSL (2 x 4GB). Which is the same sticks I had seen others using on this exact machine and the same sticks I seen in a review on the Internet with this NUC. I believe I seen this on the HQL but I have not looked at the HQL since like February so can't remember now. I tested the RAM with the latest Memtestx86 for about 6 hours straight last Thursday and not one error, then I ran Prime95 blend test (lots of ram use) for 24 hours well into Saturday and not one failure, strong little NUC I have here. Then I tested Windows 10, and then installed my copy of 8.1. Everything was running and still is running fantastic with 8.1, no problems seem to arise during use. But when it sits and idles a while the low memory msg pops up.

            Yes, I installed the new 4.6 Magician to certify the SSD and set some quick tweaks such as using the SSD Reliability settings and the RAPID Mode. Magician runs in the background but only as a means to alert me to any possible new firmware. Why do you ask? Surely 4.5GB of ram is enough freely available memory. I can uninstall Magician, but I think the problem might be because I installed the latest drivers. I have a habit of keeping all my machines here as current as possible with drivers, and sometimes that can be a bad habit, lol.

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              The reason I ask about Samsung Magician is that it uses up to 4GB of system RAM.


              Now, I've got 32GB in my i7-4930K system, and 16GB in each of the NUCs... so I don't see much in the way of issues.  However, if I 8GB of RAM, I might look a little closer at what Magician is using, along with the NUC's BIOS video RAM settings.  Those two alone could clobber you.

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                Rod Gray

                OK thanks. When I looked at total memory usage, it said 2.4GB used and 4.5GB available. So, Magician was using much less then 4GB. Will take a look to see what it is using and probably uninstall it. Guess I should have got the 16GB kit... Still though never had problems with the 2GB install so I am surprised that 8GB isn't enough.

                When I replace my hexa-core Xeon with the 4790K later this summer I think I am going to put 32GB on it just because I'm tired of wondering if I have enough. Haha

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                  You don't actually need to turn of Magician, just the RAM Buffering feature "Rapid Mode."


                  Then you just turn the other settings on "Performance."


                  I had wanted to put 64GB of RAM in the i7-4930k, but, there were only 4 slots in the motherboard.  At the time, low latency DDR3 16GB modules were not really easy to find, and 16GB modules, in general, were just not worth it.  (I opted to put that cash toward to SLI 780 GTX setup!)  -grin-


                  I would say, in all seriousness, if an Intel x79 motherboard was a good option (initially), I would have gotten a Intel® Desktop Board DX79SR


                  Unfortunately, the x79 required a fair amount of customizing the BIOS, and it took me some time to get the unit stable. (I have the Gigabyte G1.Assassin2 x79, which was one of the most fully featured boards at the onset.)


                  At this point, the NUCs are probably some of the most cost effective options you can get (and I don't mean the 5i7s).  I've been running (well) VMware ESXi 5.5 on them and under load.  It's true that VMware Workstation is a force to be reckoned with on a hexa-core system, especially with the two extra cores and 4 sets of registers (hyperthreads).

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                    Do you experience those "Low memory" errors after NUC is woke up from sleep?

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                      Nope, I don't experience low memory errors... as all of my NUCs have 16GB.

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                        Sorry, I was trying to reply to original question and I guess I didn't scroll high enough

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                          Rod Gray

                          No, it pops up when I a lot of chat sessions within Google Hangouts and I have at least 8 tabs or so open in Chrome. However, yesterday things changed for the worse. I disabled RAPID Mode and uninstalled Magician and then went to bed after thinking it was fixed. This morning dead center in the middle of the screen is a Low Memory error message and Chrome is not even open and I have not touched the machine yet.


                          So, I have no clue now. Back where I started. I tested this ram for over 30 hours using Memtest and Prime95, and I did not have one single error. So, this is my first system with UEFI. Did I maybe install the SSD or OS incorrectly? What about the drivers? I used the latest BETA drivers and installed them over the official drivers Intel posted. Now I see a new driver package dated "May 1st" that maybe I should use?

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                            Rod Gray

                            It has happened immediately after signing in, if that is what you mean. I don't think I have put the machine to sleep as I just normally log off, then turn the monitor off via its button.

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                              Rod Gray

                              OK, it is still happening. So, I went into the BIOS and set the defaults, just because I thought maybe the video card ram allotment might be the cause. Well, I still have the low ram message. This NUC is starting to feel like a mistake.


                              Anyone here have any more ideas please? I am planning on buying this exact same setup for my neighbor, but not if these NUC's have memory issues. Going to uninstall Google Chrome and re-install it I guess. Maybe I should install CCleaner and also do a full system cleanup of the registry? Or should I just RMA this NUC?

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                                I installed the release copy of windows 10 on my NUC5i5RYK (along with the new intel win10 drivers) and I no longer see the low memory error.