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    secure boot


      Hi All


      Does anyone on here know if if I delete the secure boot keys without backing them up if that will cause a problem when installing windows 8.1 on a new pc build. I'm booting from DVD but it won't let me because its in secure mode. I can't yet turn off secure mode because in order to do this I need to clear the secure boot keys. I'm using an asus z97-E motherboard with i5 haswell.  When I try to save the secure keys it says 'unable to write to file - dbx' - I can't figure out from anywhere or any other forum what this means, and whether I am safe to clear them anyway.


      the dbx file appears to be present because when I ask it to load the default it does, but I can't save them either. I've spent two days trying to sort this out and am now at the end of my tether!