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    Edison Drive has stopped showing up/Virtual COM port stopped showing up


      I am using the intel edison with arduino breakout board.


      I had been running a variation of the "SimpleWifiWebServer" Example in Arduino IDE for about 10 hours, and when I went to eat breakfast and returned, I found that it had stopped working.

      I figured I would just re-upload the sketch but the virtual COM port had disappeared. I can access the yocto linux from serial using the J3 port.


      When I plug the edison in to my PC, the "Edison" drive that is supposed to show up never shows up.

      I can also not find the virtual com port from J16.


      Any tips on what could have gone wrong, or how to fix/restore to factory default are appreciated.



      • Windows 7
      • configure_edison --version: 120


      Something notable is that whenever the linux boots, "systemd-modules-load.service" always fails.




      After spending some time messing around with kernels I ended up breaking the whole thing.



      Edison Bricked


      The following links state the same thing in 2 languages. I ended up doing a "factory reset" of sorts I suppose.