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    Choppy Live TV/Recordings with Intel NUC and default WMC decoder


      Hello. I have windows 8.1 with media center running on


      BOXD34010WYK Intel NUC mini PC

      • 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4010U processor
      • Intel HD Graphics 4400
      • 8GB Dual channel SODIMM DDR3L 1333/1600 MHz, 1.35V


      I am using the mini hdmi port output directly to a Panasonic LCD TV.


      I have the latest video drivers and bios for the Intel NUC.


      The problem I have is when I use windows media center to watch and record live TV (Verizon Fios through a HD Homerun Prime and cablecard), several channels exhibit very choppy framerates- including Discovery Family Channel (most programs), BBC America and NBC (some programs). In many cases, it's bad enough to make the program unwatchable.


      This does not happen with my other media center pc with an ati graphics card. Also, when trying to watch a sample of the media center recording on this and other pcs, the content plays back smoothly.


      I have discovered if I switch the decoder windows media center uses for live tv, to LAV, or another filter, it eliminates the issue on the problem mini pc. But this causes other issues with copyrighted programs Id rather avoid. Also, if I watch a problem recording using VLC player, it plays back smoothly, but not in windows media player.


      Is there an issue with the default windows live tv decoder and the onboard graphics? I have tried virtually every resolution inside and outside of WMC and refresh rate and it does not help the playback. I disabled contract control in the intel hd control panel, this reduces the flashing effects but does not help with the framerate.


      I can provide a sample recording but as I said, it plays back fine on every other machine I have..