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    Start up probleem


      My probleem


      i have 2 PC , the old one :



      Intel DG41RQ
      D.C  cpu
      4gb ram
      no vga or any pci card .


      when i turnd it on its  not starting up , after intel logo , black screen with flashing cursor

      i try to reboot and reinstal windows , if i plug a usb "bootable win7 or win8 i try 2 usb "  its just freeze in intel logo and show 51 code in corner  , normal is 50 then Eb then starting windows , any way each time i plug usb whatever flash or keyboard in all port . its freeze  in intel loge and show 51 cod . even i unplug HDD . DVD  and just only usb the same code 51  and freeze .


      i try plan B  instal it form windows DVD , after intel logo ,  freeze in black screen with flashing cursor .




      what i did :


      rest the M.B Bios by removing batt

      log to bios and load deff , and check if MB can see HDD and its show all driver installed 
      change ram with work one
      change cpu with work one

      change power supply with work one
      change sata cable
      un pluge front usb > sound >light  cable 
      cheked MB , no dead capacitor , if i remove ram beeb 3 times , cpu temp normal 30C ..
      HDD worked  fine in other PC

      remove all parts and keep only ram cpu MB and usb flash , the same result .. freeze cod 51

      if i remove all usb : intel logo > insert boot device , if i plug in usb in that time , freeze   and must unplug power ...





      the only defferent things happen ..  I BOOT FROM DVD when HDD unplug and its reach windows install , but when i plug hdd black screen with flashing cursor even if i chose dvd from boot menu "F10" , i try to plug in the HDD  while windows loading install file ,but show no media to install win 7 , i mean can't see the HDD  ........ sorry for long post  . help please