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    Problems with Intel HD 4600 on Lenovo Y50-70


      Hello guys.I will start with beggining.In March i decide to buy 1 MSI GE602Pe apache pro laptop with intel processor I7 4720HQ from 1 online store.I buy it got it home i installed windows 8.1 all was ok i connected the laptop with my HDTV via HDMI all was good untill i shutdown laptop for some hours.When i start it HDMI didnt recognize anymore my HDTV.I decided to reinstall drivers nothing happen i reinstalled the windows and from what i remember i got again signal on my TV but again i lose it after shutdown.I have send back the laptop thinking it has some issue with motherboard and i got another laptop 1 Lenovo y50-70 with I7 4710HQ and same intel 4600 hd graphic.This one come with preinstalled windows connected again tv everything works for some days and after again losed the hdtv connection via hdmi.after more then 20 windows rollbacks and 200-300+ graphic drivers reinstalls who grand me just some times image on my HDTV i decided to return and this one and exchange with another y50-70 because i read on lenovo forum someone says is motherboard broken.Yesterday i got the new Lenovo and AGAIN no connection on TV.I have 4 HDMI cables and 5 TV's at home.on no one is working.I decide to test it on my parents tv 1 samsung tv i connect it same old no image i reinstall driver and i got image.i take laptop to my room connect with my tv i got image but again after shutdown no image

      My conclusion is the intel 4600 driver is the problem.I installed all the old and new drivers and no one fix this problem!


      If anyone has any idea how to fix this will be wonderfull b3cause is imposible 3 new laptops to have HDMI port broken or 4 hdmi cables to not be good and 1 new just buy it with 4k support and 5 tv's to dont work