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    why is it so hard to get data for driver updated, the intel software ive tried TOTALY failed, i have an asrock z97 extreme 6 MOBO and trying ot get chipset and Intel management mainly


      The best ive managed to date is putting in Intel® DH82Z97 PCH but it give on recent and driver then another 4 yrs older and one or two thats it. Mean while i know there are update the hardware manufacturer does not seem to care as soon as your no longer the #1 board on the shelf. At least the component manufacturer like intel still update their parts.To add insult to injury i seem to find "brand new" drivers and im not sure if their meant for my MOBO for ex 10.0 was MOBO then 11 then 12 then mobo stopped updating then intel came out with 13 now i see an 19 am not sure if its "usable" Like a chipset/INF for ex. But mainly i need Chipset, USB, Man. engine,LAN and SATA. Then i have to start else where as they other other cos parts.