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    DG31PR and C2Duo E8400 not using 2 cores in Windows XP SP3


      Here is what I have:


      Intel DG31PR and a E8400 CPU.


      I noticed that only 1 core was being used and that the performance tab in Task manager in Windows XP only showed one graph. I ran CPUz to confirm and it stated only 1 core used. I checked in the device drivers and sure enough under the Computer branch only Standard PC was listed.


      I then reinstalled Windows XP and kept pressing F5 to get to the HAL choice menu during installation. In this menu ONLY Standard PC with C-step I486 was listed and other. I chose standard since other gave me no options.


      I installed XP, installed the latest board drivers:




      I checked my BIOS, it is the latest version:




      No matter what I tried I cannot get the dual core to work or the ACPMI to install in the drivers. I tried replacing hal.dll and kernel files with the relevant files for ACPMI and it bluescreened me on bootup every time.


      Currently I am stuck and cannot find a solution as to why I cannot use both cores on my CPU.


      Any help?