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    Temperature problem with motherboard DG45ID, computer shuts down


      Problem description:


      If I use computer in idle it may take ~30min till it shuts down. If I use more demanding operations it may take just some minutes. After shut down PSU is still on, units on the motherboard seems to get warmer, screen can sometimes show Intel startup mode (where its possible to enter BIOS) but nothing is possible to execute. If I press on/off button computer shuts down completely. If I immediately try to start computer the HDD gears up but directly gears down and PSU turns off. Then it retries this for maybe 5 times and then the HDD is geared up but nothing happens, a moment later it calms down again. When I cool the system with either waiting a long time or using my table fan the computer starts.


      If I have my table fan on I can without problem run the computer. 3D-Mark Vantage is no problem and prime95 can run for a long time to. But when I turn off the table fan it take some minutes and computer shuts down.


      I using a system with passive cooling (no fans), HFX Classic, so the CPU is cooled by a big cooling flange via heatpipes. I also have cooling via heatpipes on the GMCH (north bridge) and ICH (south bridge).


      Typical temperatures I get when computer shuts down is:


      Core#0: 39 C
      Core#1: 37 C
      Core#2: 46 C
      Core#3: 41 C


      Mainboard: 36 C
      GMCH: 59 C (i.e. < 66, sensor just reports temps over 66 degrees of C)
      ICH: 63 C


      HDD: 28 C


      Program used is CPUID HWMonitor


      My system is:
      Windows 7 Professional (32bit)
      Corsair XMS2 DHX minne - 4 GB ( 2 x 2 GB ) [800 MHz]
      Radeon 4770 (not in use)
      Samsung SpinPoint F1
      PSU: ETASIS 300W


      In windows the massage for this is: "Event ID 41" (Kernel-Power)


      Would be very thankful for an answer!